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Containers & Packaging

As I say in the "About" page, I avoid using glass because of the higher carbon footprint involved in transportation, as well as the fact that people are generally uncomfortable having glass containers in bathrooms where any breakages could be dangerous. The pots and the clear bottles are made from PET plastic, a very lightweight plastic that is 100% recyclable. Fill it with boiling water and it will crumple - if you want to reduce the volume in your recycling bin. The white bottles are made from recycled plastic. They are hardwearing and re-usable. For local people I offer a discount on future products for every container that is returned to me. The New Leaf SIMPLE range uses recycled containers wherever possible.

Orders are wrapped in recycled /repurposed paper and packaged in recycled boxes wherever possible. This means there may be wrinkles in your wrapping paper or evidence of previous postage on your box, but I only use still viable materials. I avoid the use of plastics 99% of the time but there may be circumstances where it is the most appropriate form of wrapping that I have, and I only ever use pre-used plastics such as bubble wrap that has come to me through somebody else's packaging.

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