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Barnstaple, North Devon

I trained as a homeopath at Regents College in London, graduating from the 4-yr course in 1992. Since starting my practice in 1992 I have treated a hugely diverse range of health problems, working both privately and within the NHS. You are welcome to contact me for help with any health issue. 

I see patients both in-person and online. For local people I like to have the first  appointment in-person whenever possible.

Homeopathy doesn’t just treat physical illness. It can be helpful for people who are dealing with psychological, emotional or spiritual issues, issues of the evolving self.

It goes without saying that as a maker of natural skincare products I have treated many skin conditions! These include eczema, acne, psoriasis etc.

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I am also very interested in treating vertigo and PTSD (both affect the autonomic nervous system), and I offer reduced rates for people with these conditions as I am interested in gaining more clinical evidence for the efficacy of certain remedies. 

Homeopathy is central to my practice but I have studied many different facets of natural health and draw on my knowledge base in a holistic way. I may therefore advise eg: about diet and nutrition, or use herbs, counselling, healing, or whatever may seem appropriate.

Please email me if you would like to try a natural approach to improving your health.
I live and work in Shirwell, which is a 10 minute drive from Barnstaple in North Devon.

Lesley King MCH homeopathy North Devon
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