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Payment, Shipping & Returns 


We accept Paypal and credit card payments.

If you wish to make alternative arrangements please contact us

Postage & Packing

Returning goods

We use recycled packaging where possible use of plastics minimally or not at all.

Orders may be cancelled or amended at any time prior to shipment of the goods without incurring charges

Orders within the UK will be charged a flat rate for shipping regardless of how much is purchased.

We aim to dispatch orders within 48 hours unless otherwise stated.

Orders will be sent by Royal Mail, 1st class post.

Larger orders may be split into two lots.




Orders may be cancelled at any time prior to shipment of the goods without incurring charges.


Refunds will be given at the discretion of NEW LEAF, but the general guidelines are as follows:

Any goods purchased by a customer of NEW LEAF which have been damaged in transit will be replaced free of charge.

Any undamaged goods will not be replaced  unless there is some material fault with the contents.

If a return of goods and refund is requested for unused and undamaged goods, and the goods were originally shipped correctly and according to the customer’s original order, we may accept the request but there will be a 10% restocking fee to cover the administrative costs involved in processing the return. Refunds apply to the cost of goods only. Due to the limited shelf life of our products such goods will not be accepted for return and refund or replacement beyond 14 days after receipt of goods by the customer.

If it has been established by the customer, and accepted by us, that there is a material fault with the goods and a return and refund, or replacement, is requested, then this will be done with no charge to the customer.

Rejection of goods by Customs: If goods shipped to a foreign country are rejected by the Customs officials of that country and are returned to NEW LEAF, we will grant a refund for the purchase minus the cost of shipping incurred by NEW LEAF.

NEW LEAF will endeavour to export only in accordance with the import restrictions of foreign countries and to document packaging accurately.

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