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Bundles of Energy!

By guest writer: Bren Paton.

With all the recent focus on fuel shortages and energy costs, perhaps 'energy' has become quite a scary word for many people. Here I'm going to talk a bit about the most un-scary qualities of energy and its power in our everyday lives.

If you have arrived at this site and blogs, you will know that Lesley is a qualified homeopath. I became interested in homeopathy almost half a century ago, long before she and I met. I learnt about the basis of treating 'like with like' and that the more diluted a remedy was, the more powerful and potent it became. I can't say I understood it all back then, but results spoke for themselves, and so I became a convert.

Many years later I trained as a hypnotherapist and a practitioner of energy techniques, and suddenly the penny dropped. The final magic ingredient in homeopathic remedies is energy. With every dilution there is also succussion, which just means that the container is tapped against a hard surface, and the energy from the succussion becomes an integral part of the remedy. It seems quite magical, perhaps because the how of it is not yet fully understood. In my view, though, we can let nature take charge and be grateful. The more dilutions and succussions, the more energy, until a point is reached when not even a molecule of the original remains, only its energy imprint. That is powerful stuff, just like energy itself. It's invisible, mysterious, we're all made of it. Even if you can believe only what you can see, it doesn't really matter - it's all in and around you nevertheless.

When I talk about Bundles of Energy, I'm thinking about how full of energy each of Lesley's natural organic products are - a bit like the people or pets we usually attribute the term to.

With every step Lesley herself takes in the production of these products, she uses her own energy, which contributes to the final result. I know from talking to her that she loves doing this so much that all the energy she puts in is positive and joyful.

Then of course the products themselves are chock full of the plants' pure energies, unadulterated by pesticides or herbicides. They are simply energy powerhouses, which means they give so much more to you, the user, than you could even realise or expect. It doesn't stop there either: energy comes from all the organisms that live in the soil; from the pollinators, insects, birds, even animals and people brushing against the flowers - and did you know that plants emit an electrical, [i.e. energy,] signal to let bees know which flower is ready for them?; and from the sun, the rain and the wind. And so it goes on and on.

With all this talk of energy, here is one final point. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed in form - or transferred. Which is where we came in, all those Bundles of Energy being transferred to you courtesy of New Leaf Naturals.

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