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ORGANIC CALENDULA OIL, double strength.

External uses only:  can be applied to cleansed wounds of all types, scars, warts and verrucae.  Can also be applied to nappy area after cleansing and drying. Massage onto scalp for cradle cap. Particularly helpful for recent wounds, including episiotomy. Drops can be added to baby’s bath water. Drops can also be added to other creams and ointments. With no added essential oils this is a hypoallergenic product.

Do not use oil on fresh burns but can be used later to speed skin repair.
Always seek medical advice when treating serious skin conditions.

Organic Calendula oil comes in a glass bottle with a pipette dropper.


If you prefer calendula in an alcohol base see our ORGANIC CALENDULA TINCTURE

To see the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) translations of ingredients for this product please see our Natural Ingredients. Potential allergens occurring naturally within essential oils in this recipe: none


SKU: 0001
  • Organic calendula flower extract in almond oil

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